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  Virtual Session Presenter

Below are guides for presenters to ensure they are prepared for their live presentations. IADR strongly encourages all presenters to thoroughly review each guide in advance of the live session dates and times to make the most of your presentation and attendance. In addition to the below videos, review the full training slide deck for speakers. In addition, view the General Guides in the top menu to maximize your participation by using all platform features.   

Testing Equipment Before Live Session

Speakers are asked to test their equipment in advance of the live session. 

Test your Zoom connection: visit https://zoom.us/test and start a meeting. Check your camera and ability to share your screen using the share screen icon. 

Test your microphone at https://mictests.com/: Use the “Test my mic” button to run a test of your microphone and playback for audio quality. It is recommended you use an external microphone that is not clipped to your shirt. Clip-on microphones or headphone microphones may scratch against your clothes. 

Speakers must have the most recently updated Zoom desktop client or app to ensure successful presentation and use of all Zoom features IADR is utilizing. To download the latest Zoom go to https://zoom.us/download. If you already have Zoom on your computer, check for updates to the version. Details on how to check for updates can be found in the Zoom support update article. 

If during the live presentation you have issues, we ask that you quickly reach out to IADR Support using the chat icon in the bottom right corner of all pages on the platform. Details on the issue and your session will help IADR find a solution


Joining Live Session in Zoom

Speakers should join the live session 15 minutes before the session start time.  

Live sessions will start when the first speaker or chair joins the session. If you are the first speaker, click the Start Meeting button to start the session. If someone else has already started the session, there will be a Join Meeting as Co-Host and a Join Meeting as Attendee button. Speakers should join the meeting as a co-host or they will be unable to share their screens. 

Once a speaker or chair has started the Zoom session, the speakers take turns testing your sound, video, and sharing slides so that you are ready for the live session time. 

All speakers are asked to stay muted when not speaking. At the end of the session, there will be a discussion time for questions and answers with attendees. During the discussion time, attendees can ask questions via chat or audio by unmuting themselves.