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  Speaker/Chair FAQs

What time zone will the event be in?

The live sessions will be presented in China Standard Time  (CST) (+8 UTC), To adjust the display to a different time zone, click the CHANGE link on the Schedule page.

When will I receive my login for the event?

Your login ID is the email address you gave to the conference staff when we were collecting data from you such as bios, etc. The virtual General Session platform system does not use passwords to login. Instead, you will access the conference the same as a normal attendee would by simply adding your email address to our system at the login prompt. 

How do I join a session as a speaker or chair?

Sessions will open 15 minutes prior to their listed start time for speakers and participating staff. Access any presentation on the schedule by clicking the  ‘Join Session as Co-Host’ button on the session description page. We have stored your email within our system as a speaker and you will be allowed access to the session before attendees and given host and co-host permissions within zoom.

Note speakers should not join as an attendee or there will be issues sharing their screen. 

Will I have time to prepare before the session starts?

Yes, you will have access to the session 15 minutes before attendees do. This will give you time to test your mic, internet connection, ask questions, and any other tasks you need to give the best presentation performance possible. 

Can I record sessions for my own use?

Participant recording of sessions is not permitted.

Do I need to present my own slides or can conference staff help with this?

We encourage speakers to share their own slides. If you have issues due to connection speed during the live session, you are able to reach out to support and email your slides so staff can present on your behalf. We just ask that you communicate this with us as soon as possible.

Do I need to have a fast internet connection to be a speaker?

We suggest having access to high-speed internet on the day of the event to ensure a clear picture, and no delays for attendees. We consider high speed internet to be 25 Mbps or higher. 

You can read more about Zoom’s base requirements here. 

Do I need to have a Zoom Account to participate?

Yes. You can access all features with a free or paid Zoom Account.

What if I have an emergency and cannot present any more?

Reach out to the IADR Headquarters right away so they can take the proper actions.

Is it possible for me to “favorite” the sessions I’m participating in for quick access?

Yes. You will notice next to the title of each session a star icon. If you click this star, our platform will automatically create a “favorites” list for you and showcase them in a separate tab in the schedule like this:


Can I share my registration details with colleagues?

No, only one person per registration can participate at a time.

How do I get more help if I have questions not listed here?

IADR Staff and moderators should be available within the session to help you. You can also use the below blue widget located in the bottom right of your screen:




I am an organizer and/or chair for a session. What actions do I need to take to start the session? 

Chairs should start the Zoom no earlier than 15 minutes before the session start time.  

When the Zoom starts, presenters will be able to join as co-hosts, bypassing the waiting room. 

The organizer should pause the recording of the session when they join.  

This is a time to complete a final test all the presenters’ equipment ensuring their video, sound and screen share are functioning properly.  

When testing is complete open the participants' window and click the "Admit All" button to allow people from the waiting room into the session.  

Click the "..." in the participants' window and uncheck "Enable Waiting Room." When the session is ready to start, press the play button to start back up the recording. 

I am an Interactive Talk session chair. A presenter did not show-up for their live presentation time. What should I do? 

If an Interactive Talk presenter does not attend the live session to present their abstract, pause the session for the remainder of the presentation time, do not progress to the next presentation. You must keep to the presentation times as scheduled in the session. You can use this pause to make an announcement referring the attendees in the session to view the presentation preview uploaded to the IADR Abstract Gallery. Attendees will be able to interact with the uploaded PDF and, if provided, audio or video uploaded by the presenter.

You can use this time to remind attendees to enter questions they may have in the chat box or Q&A for the discussion period at the end of the session.

How should I conduct the discussion period at the end of the poster session? 

At the conclusion of the final presentation, indicate the final presentation has concluded and the discussion period is now open. Questions may be directed to any of the Interactive Talk presenters. Attendees may submit questions via the Q&A function to be read aloud by the chair or may raise their hand to be recognized by the chair. Attendees may also use the chat function to get text responses from the presenters.  

How should I conduct the discussion period for each individual presenter? 

Interactive Talks are composed of 6 minutes for live presentation, 1 minute for a question and 1 minute to transition to the next presenter. When the 6 minutes for presentation concludes, ask the attendees if they have questions to use the Raise Hand function to be recognized by the chair. Review the Q&A to see if any questions have come that need to be read aloud. Each presentation has one minute for Q&A, which should allow for at least 1 question.