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  Attending Virtual Sessions

Download and Test Zoom Before the Meeting

  1. Download Zoom at Zoom.us/download
  2. Visit Zoom.us/test
  3. Test your access to Zoom prior to the meeting.
  4. Even if you already have Zoom on your desktop, it is recommended you ensure you have the most recent version by opening the application and checking for updates. Details on how to check for updates can be found in the Zoom support update article



Joining a Session


  • 15 minutes before the session start time, Navigate to the session you wish to attend a couple of minutes before the start time and click the Green "Join Zoom" button. If the button is greyed out, it may be too early to join and the session chair has not yet started the session. Wait until closer to the session start and refresh your browser.
  • For a more optimal experience, it is recommended you launch zoom through the desktop app. If you are unable to launch using the app, you can call in using the browser, but certain functionality may be inhibited.
  • Click on 'Open zoom.us' in the pop up box.


Turning on Your Microphone 

  1. Click on Join Audio
  2. Click on Join with Computer Audio if you want to use your computer's built in microphone. You can also use your phone audio by going to the Phone Call tab
  3. When you join the session in Zoom, you will be able to join with your camera on or off. If you feel comfortable, activate your camera so speakers can see who they are talking to and pick up on your body language. This makes for a better experience as a presenter. If you turn on your camera or unmute during the session, you will be visible to live attendees and may be recorded.

Participating in the Chat

  1. Click on the Chat icon
  2. You can interact with other attendees and sometimes ask questions to the speakers through the chat box. 
  3. The chat can be used to respond to speaker questions or ask your own questions for the discussion period.

Zoom Breakout Rooms

Limited sessions will utilize Zoom breakout rooms to help facilitate the session. In these instances, the host of the session will open the breakout rooms and the attendee will be able to self-select which room they wish to be part of. Attendees can easily transition between breakout rooms while they are open by opening the breakout room icon again and selecting a different room.