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Navigating Sessions

Session Gallery Listing

Clicking Schedule in the top navigation will redirect to the Session Gallery which contains the full schedule of all the sessions that are part of the General Session. 

On the Session Gallery page you will find the following:

  1. The time zone the program is being shown in and the ability to change the time zone.
  2. On the right sidebar, search sessions on a particular day or across the full platform (by clicking "See Results from All Days"). This search searches only on the session title, description and presenter details, it does not search individual abstracts. 
  3. Filter the sessions by type or IADR Scientific Group/Network. 
  4. Tabs for each day of the General Session. 
  5. Groupings of sessions/events by time block
  6. The title of each session
  7. Action button:: All sessions will have a View Session button. Attendees will select this button to view session details and have the option to join the session when it is live. 
  8. Star sessions to add them to your favorites for easy viewing later by clicking the star to the left of the session title.
  9. Add sessions to your digital calendar using the appropriate calendar link, the session will be added based on your computer's time zone settings. 


Viewing Session Details

Clicking the session title or the "View Session" button will take you to the session details. Depending on the session type, you may see different things, but these include:

  1. The title of the session
  2. The session description
  3. Session learning objectives 
  4. Session Organizers and Chairs
  5. The list of individual presentations and presenters with a "View Abstract" link to view the presentation details  
  6. If a session is available live to virtual attendees, a join meeting button will be available. Fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled start time of the live session, the button will turn green and grant access to the session in Zoom. 
  7. After the session ends, if recorded, the video will be visible here for on demand viewing. Recordings are available to registered attendees for 90 days after the conclusion of the General Session


Viewing Presentation/Abstract Details

Most sessions are made up of individual presentations that can be found within a table on the session details page. To view a presentation detail, you can click the "View Abstract" link in the table. Abstracts can also be found within the Abstract Gallery and list the same details. Note: only Interactive Talk sessions are made up of abstracts, other sessions will only include the presenter information. 

  1. The title of the abstract
  2. Details and link to Interactive Talk for which the abstract is a part of
  3. Summary of abstract
  4. Uploaded preview of abstract
  5. Links to view preview upload or uploaded audio/video recording preview in a new tab  
  6. Body of abstract, including tables, images, and disclosures
  7. Presenting author information 
  8. Co-author information, including group authors
  9. Link to Abstract Gallery to view other abstracts or to Interactive Talk session the abstract is part of

Navigating Abstract Gallery

The abstract gallery contains the abstracts of all Interactive Talk presentations at the General Session. Selecting "Abstract Gallery" in the top navigation brings you to the listing page, where you can view the following:

  1. The title of each abstract
  2. Search all abstracts by title, keyword, author, abstract body text or more. 
  3. Filter all abstracts by the Scientific Group/Network category
  4. Star an abstract to add it to your favorites to easily find later
  5. Read a short summary of each abstract before viewing the full body.
  6. Basic abstract details to include the presenter and presentation ID
  7. Details about the Interactive Talk session the abstract is scheduled. 
  8. Buttons to view the full abstract or view the Interactive Talk session the abstract is being presented in.